Default Security section in Service menu changes after flashing FTF?

I have got my xperia z1 C6906 for 10 days and now I am facing issues with power button that feels like it doesn't stay firm as it used from day one.
Now I called sony support and was told to bring it in store for exchange.
But I have talked for over 30 minutes and store clerk said they will not exchange it, so the question is:
If i flash my back up ftf will it reset call counter, and will there be any evidence of me altering it, such as security section in service menu where all of certificates located and displays if they are okay?

I checked my Xperia S and after recent flashing it says in total call timer section Unknown.

Please reply if you have flashed your xperia z1 using flashtool and could check your total call timer section as well as security.

Post a screenshot if possible.


Went to store and was told to call for service, since over 30min used.
After small chat with teck support returned to store and demanded exchange of faulty hardware (withing 14 days from purchase).
Got brand new Z1!!!
No longer need to think about service center.
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