Question [Q] 4.3: Google TTS and GPS

Wondering if anyone else is having this issue.... When I start google maps and start navigation, right away an error saying Google TTS (text to speech) stopped.... Click Ok and it will give me voice directions still... sometimes the voice will change for it self and even the units lol.....

Things I have tired :

- Had the journalist 4.3 so i went on PC companion and clicked repair... it automatically downloaded a new (proper version I would assume) generic version of 4.3 and flashed it..... same issue still

- Tried removing the update for Google maps and google TTS... and then updating it again... same issue

- If I change TTS to Pico TTS it will work fine.... its just the voice isn't as nice

Really its more of a preference thing, just irritating when something isn't working as it should....... Any things to try would be great ?

------Note: TTS was working great on 4.2------


The GPS... If the Icon is set as active, I noticed on 4.3 it doesn't appear till its using Google Maps.... Does this mean its off, but automatically becomes active when its needed ? Or is it on all the time and just letting you know its using the GPS ?

Wondering for battery life, haven't really gotten a chance to test both scenarios properly.....
Sony Xperia ZL (C6506) (ROGERS)