Default [Q] Request - Speaker fix

Does anyone know how to fix a problem with speaker after flash KitKat on F240?

I have rooted G Pro Korean version F240S. I knew that we can flash custom rom Optimus G international E975 on Optimus G Korean F180. From here I thought Maybe E985 might be flashed on F240 like Optimus G and We could. But I faced one little problem which is there is no speaker out. No audio.

Everything is fine except "not working lists".

Not working
- I tried to volume it up. No sound.
- I tried to put the headphones in. No sound.
- I tried to call to someone with and without headphones. There is no luck.
- I tried to copy from System/etc/media_codecs.xml to E980 KitKat ROM.
I copied from CM 10.2 and any other KitKat ROM's.

But any other F240 custom is fine working. Only international Custom ROM has this problem.

I am really looking forward to know how to figure this out. I am from so far. Glad to know that Google provide our language in Android KitKat. From Mongolia