Exclamation [Q] Help please! Need to re-root phone with cm11.

Model xt912 Razr Maxx "verizon"
I used "razr_blade_zip" to root phone. Followed instructions and worked fine. Then installed "safestrap" 3.65. Then went to recovery mode and created a back-up. Then installed cm11-20131126 unofficial-spyder and google app package. I installed cm 11 on slot 1. Rebooted and everything worked well. I did notice cell signal was low. After I installed a few basic rooted apps to increase network speed like "example Faster Gps". Still so far so good. Here is when things went wrong. After reading about SuperSu I decided to install it and missed a step. I ended up unrooting my in phone. I can't use Safestrap to install back-up. I'm not sure what a hard reset will do. I have googled issue but no real answer on fixing this. Thanks for any help!!!!!