Info **List Of Leadbotads** Apps Please Post

I would like to make a list of all the apps that use in the apps so we know not to install them on are android phone or tablet.

I have only come across 2 at the moment..

1. Galaxy S4 Next Launcher Theme By BUTTERFLY
2. Crystal Next Launcher Theme By BUTTERFLY (It seems that this developer use it in all there apps so stay clear)

Please post more so we can get a good list of apps to stay away from.

You know you have it if you install a app from Google Play and your browser opens up to

Any apps you post will be added here.

Acer Liquid E2 on 3 Network MIMIC S4 V1.(This is a NEW site for the ALE2 Please give your support.)
Samsung Galxay 5 (Europa) with CM10.1BLADEV1.1*****No url yet still working on the rom.
Viewtyful Themes****
LG Viewty with custom NYX Menu and theme manager.**Sort out link soon(This is the phone that started all off for me.Making themes and roms).