Default Help with Ubuntu on Acer A500

Good evening everybody,

First of all, let me say thanks to everyone who makes this forum so great, and please, forgive me for my English.
Here is my situation:

Tablet: Acer A500
ROM: Android 4.4.2 OmniRom v. 3 by Thor2002ro
Recovery: CWM Touch Recovery v. 1.8.1 by Thor2002ro
Kernel: Linux v. T50 by Digetx & Thor2002ro
Bootloader: v. 9 by Skrilax_CZ

I've read all the posts in here, and I'm really interested in having Ubuntu as second OS in my tablet. I finally figured out that having Ubuntu here would make my tablet acts as a real computer instead of Ubuntu Touch, which is another mobile OS, and I don't need it personally. But until now I've found it a bit difficult for me (I wished it would have been as easy as on computers) and I would be really pleased if someone could guide me step by step to this aim, as I also have a lot of questions about it. For example, when Ubuntu is installed (like 13.10) does it upgrade automatically or can I upgrade it manually to the newer version (14.04) as on a pc? If you can provide me some useful links to help me, then it will be great too. Well, tell me whether it seems to be a mission impossible. However thanks in advance for your time.

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