Default Android 4.4 not working 4.2 no probs

i happened to update my os to the 4.4 kitkat cm version and i am just getting a light blue screen with some purple stuff in it, right after the htc logo. Same thing happens with the Beanstalk version, but the colors are a bit different.
After going back to the cm 10.3 version it all works fine, except that my sim card aint beeing recognized no more .

So how come i cant get the kitkat versions to work ? got the 2.15 hboot gapps and did all kind of resets before updating.

Hoping for some help

Ok, that no problem thing was a lie cant get my sim card to work, even though it workes with no problems before those updating and i didnt change anything hardware wise.

Solved: ok i thought i had a s-off device, turns out i dont so flashing the boot.img fixed the problems