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For those that dont read the x-device section here is the new way to keep upto date with the latest flashtool drivers:

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FlashTool Xperia Driver Pack!

Windows drivers for all the Xperia devices in a single package!

Latest Release: v1.2
Build Date: 2014/02/04

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Hi all,

we have been using our beloved Xperia phones for quite some time now and we know how annoying it is when we cant find correct drivers for a new device or on a new PC!

Androxyde had worked on incorporating all the drivers right inside flashtool and we have been suppling them as "Flashtool-driver.exe" with every flashtool release for windows!

But since the driver release and flashtool release are not always in sync we have decided to also release this drivers pack separately!

hence forth we will be maintaining this thread and keep releasing updated Xperia drivers as and when they become available on Sony website

hope this helps!
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