Default Android USB Audio Support! What Gives??!

This may be in the wrong place but here goes...

It is 2014. AOA 2.0 and USB Audio were baked into android since 4.1 (and in for testing since 3.1 iirc!!!) , Yet even at this point the guys making In-Dash receivers have only just now made and effort to build in support for supporting android devices through USB via MTP (mass transfer protocol) which to my understanding equates to plugging in a USB flash drive, and you're at the mercy of the receivers' coded-in format and tagging support.

To my understanding AOA 2.0 would theoretically allow control over the Android device in the similar fashion as the ol' ipod. However everyone has jumped on the bandwagon of creating app communication (such as the aptly named app radio) and blue tooth integration for everything else, while still including support for the latest Apple devices

What gives. Don't they realize there is a quite sizable chunk of people out here who don't own an i-anything, don't want to own i poop, and sheesh I'l even vouch for lacking Windows phone support, which I'm sure has similar built in standards that wouldn't be all to hard to include REAL USB audio/control/support for.

I am after USB audio in the car, and feel at this point in time we shouldn't have to resort to some third party dongles or apps or even a sometimes shoddy blue-tooth connection (depending on hardware)

{I shall imagine myself tossing the idiot off a cliff who come in here and goes "der but the auxiliary...."} The point is to keep the audio in digital
form till the latest point possible before it gets to the speakers.