Question [Q] atlanta area no contract questions...

my girl and i are both sprint/htc eve 4g lte and are both up for renewal. both phones are on the way out - hers cracked screen, mine cracked screen and dying a slow death (bad speaker, may or many not get texts/vm's, often the screen stays blank when receiving a call, etc). my youngest son needs a phone, as well.

me - open to a number of phones: htc one, lg g2, samsung s4, etc.
her - non-techie, she's thinking the same phone (htc eve 4g lte), htc one or iPhone (knows nothing else, really)
son wants an iPhone 5s since his mom and older brother are on iPhones, but it's really up to me.

needs: great service in atl (mostly) and western nc at a minimum (the latter screams verizon) due to bing in sales/local travel/on the phone ALL day long (both); unlimited everything (again, hers and mine are also work phones...); hot spot-capable; root.

i'm an htc fan, but def open to other ideas. i've looked at myrateplan,com, so i have a basic idea about what's out there, but i don't see anything about the service quality of the smaller companies specific to our area.

now, the questions:

1. where can i find current info on the service quality for our area of the no-contract companies (i have no idea whose towers metrics or virgin mobile, for example, use)?
2. if you're in/have recently been in the same situation, what would/did you do?

a lot to consider. thanks in advance!
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