Default [Q] reuse unregistered phone.

I am university student that toward to final year.
So I have to make some project to graduate.
Here is the idea of my project.
I have several smart phones that i've used.
It's a quite great arm board.
So i wanna make thing with it but i want it small part.
I don't need LCD to display and android or kernel.
I wanna make this work with gps, bluetooth, wifi.
Maybe I thought it needed ARM embedded programming.
Is it too hard to make it work?
If it's impossible, is kernel upload is make this work ? Like linux programming, not ARM programming.
gps, bluetooth and wifi is inevitability. That has to be work perfectly.
gps collects geological information, then wifi and bluetooth send to the sever. That's it.
Just gather the information and send it.

So embedded ARM programming is gonna work?
or i have to load kernel in it ?

If so, How can i upload kernel without the framework of android?