Cool Song Spoofs Regarding Programming?

Alright so I like to have some fun for stress relief so instead of putting my head through my monitor I write spoofs of famous songs based on things I'm working on or things I like in the realm of computers. So here goes my little spoof of call me maybe. I wrote this back when I was first getting into android dev about a year and a half ago more like a year and three quarters ago so a good bit has changed. I hope you enjoy!

I threw my hands in the air
I gave up coding I swear
I thought that android was fun
but now pythonís in my way.

I'd trade my soul for a out
Pennies and dimes in my account
I Wasn't looking for this
But now pythonís in my way.

My glare was holdin
LogCat code was showin
Hot night, fan is blowin
Where the hell's my coffee goin' (Cant find anything for Baby)

Hey I just made this,
my code is crazy
Heres' a copy
its in Java, maybe.

its hard to look right,
at this code its lazy,
But here's a copy,
its in Java, Maybe?

All the other dev's
really hate me.
here's a copy,
Its in java, Maybe?

You took your time up the hall
the ceo gave me a call
where there was credit, took all
and now your in my way.

I beg and borrow and steal
but this code it is real
I did not know this is how I would feel
but your still in my way.

My glare was holdin
LogCat Errors showin
hot night, fan is blowing
Where the hell is my coffee goin