Question emmc or logicboard replacement

hello every one here at xda. i just came with a big question. i have a sudden death syndrome on a n7000 i've tried a lot of fixes arround here(well i guess most of them). but the phone is just singns of life or even a led light. i've made a JIG my own but it doesnt work (im thinkin is the resistors).
so the big question came, theres a guy who has a i717 broken lcd note. now can i use that logic board and replace the one in my n7000 i know they are not the same but they seem to have the same connections well at least on what ive seen around. is it worth it buying the broken note? also noticed theres no home button on the i717 model i know it sounds crazy but just asking.
and if you have a good solution ill be more than happy.