Default Still a place for yet another general android guide?

OK, I'm not a noob and yes I'm not an elite or dev either. I'm more or less of an advance users. I'm posting here to get a feel or see what kind of response I would get if I'm going to write a guide. Yes I know there there are plenty of guides already but the way I see it most of the guides fall into either too specific to a device or particular subject or more or less a dictionary/wiki style. I'm more interest of writing general concept of android, more like a pre-req for rooting to a newbie but not tie to any specific device. For example, it will include the concept of partition/recovery/boot loader and how they are related. Maybe I'll approach it as in comparison to how PC works.

Good idea/bad idea?
Any thread I should refer to?
Outdated thread to build upon?
(for newbie) what do you think is the most important(or first) thing you want to learn? Or topic that would be definitively useful?
(for mod) where to post/submit?