Default [Q] car Bluetooth problem

Hello everybody,

I just changed from Galaxy S3 to Lg G2 because of insufficient Ram in s3. With S3 I was able to do hands free dialing using cyberon voice dialer by bluetooth in my car by pressing the dialer button in the car. Now with Lg G2 , I can connect and listen to incoming calls through the car bluetooth set.
But whenever I want to call somebody using the dailer of the car bluetooth, the phone shows the following message

"connected device does not support voice dialing"
. With Galaxy s3 , no such problems exists. I also tried with Jabra Bluetooth head set. It is the same message again

How to solve the problem
2. In samsung keyboard, there is Malayalam as language which can be added, and I heard the LG g2 in India also it is present, but I bought the Korean international variant from Dubai(D802) and it has no malayalam language selectable in the keyboard setting. Can somebody help me in adding Malayalam Language to the stock keyboard of LGG2

Thanking you all