Default [Q] Nemesis 1.5 international rom sound toggle problem

I have a MJ7 build with Safestrap 3.71. I installed the Nemesis 1.5 from the restore slot with the ported rom gogolie posted. I got everything up and running and everything so far is fine with the exception of the sound toggle. I can change the sound to vibrate. Then I can change it from vibrate to mute. However, when I try to toggle it back to sound the systemui crashes with the continuous popups. It usually says systemui has stopped working but at least once it said has stopped working. It happens every time. I have both the systemui.apk and the secsettings.apk decompiled as well as the same things from a rom that I have that is working. I've tried comparing the two looking for differences but haven't found anything. Anyone have any ideas as to where to look?