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Is there an easy way to get a dual sim version when one lives in Europe?
I got one this week via mobicity uk - ordered it on Tuesday Jan 28th and it arrived on Monday 3rd Feb.

Glad I read the reviews after I'd ordered it (never used mobicity before!!!) but they were great, delivered ontime and for 200 - phone even came with a uk moto charger in the box (but no usb lead).

Very happy with the phone - I have 2 EE sims in it and its perfect - even with the dual sim I'm seeing 2 days of battery life (I often keep data to 2g as I have wifi at home and work).

hoping for kitkat, well maybe - I'm not sure its that big a deal to be honest as its excellent on 4.3

****** is that really my first post after 7 years???? I'm pretty sure I had another username when I was into modding various HTC windows mobile handsets years ago....