Default Rooting N900A MJ5 - CSC File?

Hello, I hope I am posting in the right place and within guidelines. I recently purchased the Note 3 and am looking to break into the world of rooting. I was following the URDLV guide when I reached the step of having to obtain the AP and CSC tar files. I tried to located the n900a csc, but all I have been able to find is a package containting the AP and CP files, a BL file, and PIT file. I don't know if one of these are supposed to subsitute for a csc but I assumed not and didnt want to take any chances.

So as it stands I am sitting here wondering what I can do. Do I have to wait for some official release of the firmware? the only one on the samsung mobile site is mi9 (which I of course didnt realize until paying for a terafile subscription to download it) or is there N900A MJ5 files floating around and I just cant find them?

If anyone can offer me some insight, I would greatly appreciate it.