Unhappy Network problem solved now missing wifi

First of all, sorry for my english because I use a translator to write.

I updated my Note 2 for Android 4.3 and that he lost imei and also the network connection, the IMEI had to pay to recover, and the connection after reading some threads here, put Kernel and Modem and ready, solved this problem, but now the wifi does not work. Stay alert at all times with the Knox safety, and also can not disable Knox because I can not do Root, even with the file of Dr. Ketan V6 .. And when I try to put some of the files as'' wifi patch "or even an older bootloader mj5 it gives error in Odin.

Currently it looks like this:

The system I put the same that is available for my SN (downloaded the firmwire by Kies, using my SN)

I'm not able to make it work, someone help me?

I'm from Brazil, if it helps.

thank you