Default [Q] Wallpaper issue

I dunno what's different this time around. I remember doing this a year ago using image 2 wallpaper to fix the issue but this time it isn't working. I've tried that, quickpic, and simple image and it's pretty much the same issue. When I leave the picture as it was originally downloaded and try to set it as a wallpaper I get this result:

As you can see it's zoomed in some, and this is even with simple image where the wallpaper is static. But when I flip the image on it's side it fits perfectly:

Does anyone know why it's doing that cause I've ran out of ideas. I've tried every app I could think of that should fix this problem but it isn't working. The image I'm using is 1920x1080 and I've tried images with resolutions lower and higher than that and it's still the same result. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.