Default AOSP 4.4 gallery issues

Having a problem with the Gallery app, it's not showing all of my pictures. New, downloaded pics will show up. But, for example, I have 21 pictures, all jpg, in an album in the Pictures folder of my internal storage and only 13 of them show up in Gallery. Cleared Gallery data and cache, rescanned sdcard manually, rebooted, still nothing.

I installed the Quickpic app, and it won't read my pictures at all. It lists them under "hidden files" and only shows up if I manually click "view hidden files" in settings every time I open the app.

I also noticed Gallery won't play .gif files. They show up as stills.

Both of these problems occur on all roms I've tried, so it's not rom specific.

Any ideas how to fix? It's really annoying me.
VZW HTC M8/ S-Off firewater/InsertCoin-furnace kernel
Boost replaces displacement