Angry [Q] About 8726 MX Device


Hey , guys, I'm a Chinese user.Recently I got an amlogic 8726 MX device and I want to run linux on it.The device is Tmall MagicBox.
I have trid the buildroot of WJB@Github and it work for this device.I used the amlogic_mx_defconfig for compiling.It seems that this device is familiar with meson6. But there is somehing trobles me.One is I don't know how to map the remote keys.BTW,the remote of this devide is work under 2.4ghz,not the ir remote.Another problem is , the built-in usb wifi model can't work. The wifi model is RTL8188EU. Maybe the meson6's configure don't completely match this device.So,how should I do to add support for this new device?