Exclamation serious signal problem

Hey guys. I'm having major problems with my signal. Let me start at the beginning. Two weeks ago my phone started to act funny and the battery wasn't holding a charge. Then the charging port wouldn't make a connection. So I ordered a new battery and charging port. The battery came in a couple days ago and is charging fine, when the port would make the connection, and the charging port came in yesterday. I changed the charging port out and everything went smoothly. I triple checked every connection before I reassembled my phone. Everything was good. But now my signal is very weak in my house as of yesterday afternoon after replacing the port. This morning I wake up and I have no signal at all. Just the circle with the line through it. I heard that the antenna wires are very easily damaged when changing out these charging ports but I have signal, at least yesterday when I drove into town, down the road from me and it is strong. If I damaged the antenna wire somehow wouldn't I get no signal anywhere?