Default MY x8 Rebooting Story....

HI guys,
Just sharing this information here might it will help to somebody....

its been a weird experience>>>>> i read/posted/commented on THREAD's relating to X8 reLoop/ReBooting/on-off problems.. now i faced that problem tooo

here is my story: i put my x8 on charging after an hour(battry fully charged) turned on wifi and when i opened My Gapp suddenly phone reboots automatic.... afterwards(assuming the reboot caused due to RAM consumption) but HELL it started rebooting after every 2 mints..
i checked the RAM, cleaned SOME ram memory uninstalled some apps(kept 50mb free)>>>problem not solved<<<<< then re-flashed MY ROM(ULTRABEAM GB ROM) still not solved>>>> re-flashed my KERNEL(nAa-14) ddnt worked either....(did full wipe/dalvik/factory reset)
i thought this might b cause due to virus>>>formatted my SDCARD again not worked...
and then i found myself at a stage where if i try installing others ROM's its get stuck at"copying system"/wiping system
some roms got stuck at formattingdata etc....

SO before going to final step(STOCK FIRMWARE)...
stupidly idea.. i changed my sdcard copied the ROM... flashed through CWM///////
>>>>>atlast stupidity worked problem solved<<<< no reloops/reboots.... HUH!!!!

this sounds stupid... but this solved my problem after wasting my 4 hours...
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