Unhappy [Q] How can I delete some company link?

Dear Brother!

I had made few App,
actually, I don't understand how to make app.

I just using some website without any source code. (I-buildapp)

But Now, they are new policy for money income. request $10/month/app,
(previous is free of charge)

they don't accept annual fee or any fee by account name.
must be individual app per month. so...I very upset!

And Ibuildapp already stop my app, I can't see anything now.

Now, In my record only "apk" file, can't open it.

I tried to made apk to source code (Java Code / XML Code)

I saw so many file with "i-buildapp" link.

Can I delete all about "i-buildapp" data and make my app rebirth?

I hope somebody can help.

(sorry my poor english)