Angry [Q] F2FS for the Galaxy Note?

So while reading the Moto X review on Anandtech ( ) I read about the F2F2 (which is developed at Samsung) and this fs seems really promising for performance. I was simply wondering whether any dev has seen this, and has decided whether to implement or not implement this fs and if they would like to maybe explain why they chose to do so...

Of course, I understand us to have the emmc brick bug which complicates things (but so does the GNex: > the third post), while a dev does seem to be trying to implement this fs (

Again, I am simply interested in the opinion of a dev about implementing this fs...

This are the disadvantages and advantages I could find:

  • Long mount times of the memory
  • Bricking of a lot of devices when users are trying to install the wrong combination of ext4 and f2fs
  • Our faulty emmc chips, which already have a possibilty for the brick bug (but again the GNex also seems to have this problem)

The implementation of f2fs on the S3: