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Recovering the /rom partition

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Renate NST
(Last edited by Renate NST; 24th March 2014 at 10:43 PM.)
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Smile Recovering the /rom partition

I don't know if this thread will help anyone, but it amused me to do it.

A few folks here have accidentally bricked their Nooks without a good backup.
Yes, you can get a new image loaded onto your Nook but you might have lost the /rom partition.
The /rom partition holds all the factory information unique to your Nook.
If you just copy the whole internal memory from someone else, you'll be using the same MAC, serial number and security keys.
Whether that is a big deal or not depends.

I wrote a little utility, it's in the beta test phase.
It can take a ~1.9GB image backup file and extract the files from the /boot, /rom or /media partitions.
It can do that even if the partition table has been trashed.

Run this in an empty directory because it copies all the files in a flat structure.
(Later I'll get around to doing subdirectories.)
Here's an example:
imagefix.exe C:\mybackup.img 2 /a

 #  Id      Start        End       Size
--  --  ---------  ---------  ---------
 1  0C         32     155647     155616
 2  0C     155648     188415      32768
 3  83     188416     577535     389120
 4  05     577536    3792895    3215360
 5  83     577568    1167359     589792
    05    1167360    3792895    2625536
 6  0C    1167392    1658879     491488
    05    1658880    3792895    2134016
 7  83    1658912    2150399     491488
    05    2150400    3792895    1642496
 8  83    2150432    3792895    1642464

== Partition 2 ==
│  ├──BatteryType
│  ├──BootCnt
│  ├──Bq275020Dffs
│  ├──DateManufactured
│  ├──DeviceAttribute
│  ├──DeviceID
│  ├──EpdVcom
│  ├──EpdWaveform
│  ├──EpdWaveform.backup
│  ├──EpdWaveformOriginalFilename
│  ├──EpdWaveformOriginalFilename.backup
│  ├──EventType
│  ├──HashOfPrivateKey
│  ├──MACAddress
│  ├──MainBoardSN
│  ├──ModelNumber
│  ├──OperatingMode
│  ├──ProductID
│  ├──PublicKey
│  ├──SerialNumber
│  ├──WiFiBackupCalibration
│  └──ean
This will list all the files on the 2nd partition.
The /a flag sorts the files in alphabetic order instead of disk order.
If it barfs, that's because the partitioning table has been trashed. Try:
imagefix.exe C:\mybackup.img 2 /d /a
That will ignore the partitioning table and use the factory default.
To actually extract the files, add the /w flag (use the /d if you need it).
imagefix.exe C:\mybackup.img 2 /w /a
imagefix can also work directly on raw devices, like when you have your Nook running noogie.
Let's say you boot your Nook on noogie and /boot appears as H:\
You can then extract files by typing:
imagefix.exe H: 2 /w /a
(Note that the H ends in colon, not colon backslash.)

Let's say that you trashed your Nook so badly that it doesn't even show up as a drive letter.
You can still use imagefix using the physical device number.
You can go to the Windows Disk Manager and find the Disk Number, for example 3:
imagefix.exe 3 2 /d /w /a
Even though this program is called "imagefix" it only reads and does not modify the image.
You can even safely call it on your hard disk.

Of course, my favorite way of running noogie is using omaplink.exe
omaplink.exe omap3_aboot.bin u-boot12.bin uImage-noogie uRamdisk-noogie
Those files can be found in this post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...&postcount=285

You could also just put noogie on an SD card and boot up that way.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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i have met some users on forum lost their rom files partition ... i will try contact them .... thx to U Renate , really i am think about messed up with my nook and try ur new utility
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