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Since I've bought Asus T100 one of the most annoying things for me was no hdd activity monitor...
So I've decided to code one for myself... And to share with you guys as I've already did before with my other pet projects (see ElWpAudioBooks).

This small app sits in tray and simulates hdd indicator... And if you right click icon in the system tray -> settings you can enable camera led to blink as an HDD indicator... It should theoretically work with any camera with activity indicator, so not only with ASUS T100...

It's just the POC version - no settings, no autorun, just ACTION - but still it works for me...

So tell me what you think and do you need it at all, or I'm the only pervert here who likes to see hdd blinking
Works good on my Dell Venue Pro 8, would love to use this all the time, the cammera light works, but is a little buggy. I keep the little box on my task bar pinned. Thanks for this program, i also like to see that light blinking so I know its doing something.


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