Default How to backup and restore your Watch Styler custom watches

Had to reset my gear today via gear watch app and it said all apps etc will be deleted. Before I did this I backed it up. I have a non rooted note 3 so titanium was out of the question.

Backing up before resetting:
1. Back up watch Styler data with helium

2. Go to sdcard/Android/data and copy "com.omnitel.appcessory.gear.watchstyler.manag er" folder to micro sd card or internal other than the data folder.

1. Re-download Watch Styler app but do not open yet

2. Restore Watch Styler data with Helium

3. Copy back "com.omnitel.appcessory.gear.watchstyler.manag er" folder to sdcard/Android/data/. I used ES File Explorer and I selected the folder and hit menu button and did a "copy to" rather than copying then pasting. This is just my preferred method.

3. Run Watch Styler and you should see all your custom watches again.

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