Default [Q] OTG Gamepad Button issue

OK... So I have searched everywhere on this and almost every thread on OTG is about getting it to work... Or more specifically getting a SixAxis to work.... There's already plenty of info about Sixaxis and I'm not asking about it....

I have a Retrolink SNES GamePad, and an Xperia Pro MK16i.

I've connected the Snes Pad using an OTG cable and it works as a standard controller, where Dpad is cursor keys, Button1 is Dpad Select, Button2 is Back....

The issue is that when I hold Button4 (Y on the Snes), it releases the Dpad Left/Right, and then pressing the Dpad Left/Right releases Button4...
It will not let me press Dpad Left/Right AND Button4 at the same time (eg. Running in a Super Mario game)... The same thing happens with Dpad Up/Down and Button5 (L Shoulder Button on Snes).

All other buttons work perfectly together and have no affect on the Dpad.

Also this is not an issue with the GamePad itself... As I've tested it on both my Windows7 systems (one is HomePremium, one is Professional), and the Y Button works perfectly fine with the Dpad, as does the L shoulder button.

I have no idea what is causing this conflict, and any help would be appreciated.

I should point out they only have an affect on one axis, so:
Button4 can't be pressed with Left/Right, and
Button5 can't be pressed with Up/Down.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I'm on the Stock GB ROM 2.3.4