Default Is Google Voice awful for anyone else?

Love Google Voice but it's making and receiving phone calls nearly useless. With GV phone # integration enabled it regularly take 45-50 seconds to place a call - specifically, from the time you hit dial to hearing the first dialing ring, there's almost a full minute pause. I routinely miss calls because the phone never rings. I'm assuming there's a lot of router hopping or whatever going on over on Google's end.

I've disabled GV for the moment and I'm right back to 3-4 seconds to placing/receiving calls.

Not sure when this started exactly but I started noticing it well over a month ago. Not a KK/root/s-onoff/etc issue afaict.

(fwiw, no 'don't complain about a free service' replies please.. we don't subscription fee, but we do pay for GV with the data mining and ad hits they get from us)