Tablet [Q] modifying the status bas of android 4.3

Hii ... I want to edit my status bar or change it. With another one of the custom rom Omni. Kitkat4.4 customized for s3 I opened the systemUI using apktools and extracted it and opened the layout folder to find sooo many xml files of the. Stats bar ... so I don't know what files to edit or to copy from the other rom to the stock 4.3 which I have and is it right to change in the xml files or there is another codes that I may change ... I want to know how does it works (noting that I. Want to get all those features in the kitkat on 4.3 cause I found. Some issues I'm the. Wifi slow connection and the stock apps are missed and slow battery charging so if there is a way to fix that that would be nice from you ) please ask me if there is u decleared part in my question