Default [Q] changing default value of homescreen wallpaper samsung galaxy core

hey guys pls help me struck at wallpaper
let me describe you
whenever you want to change your wallpaper you have to go through some steps as follow(BY gallery or by my files)
1. Open gallary
2. select image you want to set as wallpaper
3. open option menu for that image
4. select set as in option menu
5. pop menu will appear for homescreen, lockscreen and home & lockscreen
6. selecting the homescreen and now the popup menu appear for crop selecting the way you want to crop like square and the most common android one with option just once and always.
7. by somehow crop selecting tool always appear as square one
8. then apply & you get your cropped image as wallpaper.

Now my problem is that I want crop selecting popup menu back

checking the defaults value of gallery and wallpaper chooser but didn't get any results