Default [Q] interent sharing OSX

I want to share my ethernet internet connect from my Max with my HTC One as the WiFi calling is giving me a connect error today, even after numerous restarts.
Can't make it go.
Any help or ideas?
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Device: HTC One (M7), T-Mobile (US) S-Off
CID: T-MOB010 (PN0713000)
ROM: ViperOne 5.8
HBOOT 1.55
Build: 4.19.401.11
Kernel: 3.4.10
Recovery: TWRP

Previous Infestations HTC Sensation
ViperS 1.6.3
ELEGANCIA 4.1 v3.5
ARHD 6.8
Bricked 3 v1.4 lagfree
OpenSense (fave, wish dev cont'd)