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Just got a note 3 for tmo, currently my device is unrooted and fully stock. I noticed that my wifi being on, it works great but cell signal is near gone...sometimes even wont let a text get sent. as soon as i turn off wifi cell signal is perfect same as on my note 2 or that G2 i got rid of.

i noticed the following....

Wifi signal switching feature on or off, cell signal still is gone.
Wifi on, wifi calling on or off signal still suffers, in fact i even disabled wifi calling from the application manager for now. (never did like wifi calling)
Wifi on, make a phone call signal still stays low.
Wifi off, cell signal strong
Wifi off, make a call all is even better.

So, whats the deal? is there a fix? A search only came up with a thread about turning off the wifi switching thing in advanced features, but like i said it dont matter or work. any other search talks about wifi and it dropping and or about wifi calling dropping calls....

edit, i looked in the system setting, and noticed that the signal in my house right now says -90. turn wifi on, network says unknown from LTE, and sits at -90.

turn wifi off, network says LTE and signal still stayed at -90 (it did change a little but stayed at average of -90)
it seems as if the signal bars just dont show up with wifi on. like it cant walk and chew gum at the same time (cant show wifi bars and cellular signal bars at the same time)

what threw me off was when i couldnt send a text until i turned wifi off.

i also disabled wifi calling from my account level as well. didnt change anything.

do these phones need the sim that came in then box? my sim came from a note 2.
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