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Hi guys,

The Backstory
Quite a while ago, I created an FAQ thread for the HTC One (M7) in an attempt to both educate members on certain aspects of their phone & to help stem the flow of the same questions being asked repeatedly.

At the end of this post I'll add a link to the aforementioned FAQ so you can see what kind of information I require.

Now, even though this forum isn't as active as the One forum, I think it would still be a good idea to create such an FAQ for you guys. Plus, I think that all device forums should have such a thread to help create uniformity across XDA as well.

How you can help
As I don't have the HTC One Max, I can only find out so much information by searching throughout XDA and Google. As you guys have the device, it would greatly help me (and mote importantly, other members of this device forum) if you were to take a look at my current FAQ thread to see the kind of content I've included.
If any of the same content also applies, then please let me know by posting in this thread. Also let me know if there are certain major issues with the Max which have had a fix/workaround posted.
Any information like this will ultimately help in the creation of the FAQ and keeping it up-to-date.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please post here and let me know.
Any Off-Topic posts will be deleted on sight.
As per the above notice, please keep all posts in here on topic. Not doing so will simply result in your post being removed and slowing down the creation of this FAQ.

Thanks in advance,
- KidCarter93
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