Unhappy [Q] Bootanimation4u I need help!!! D:

Alright, I've got a rooted Samsung GT-S5660. with CWM, and it's running GB 2.3.4. Or the rooted equivalent of that I suppose. I'm pretty sure it's just the stock Rom. However I can't use rootanimation4u, so that I am able to just use "bootanimation.zip" files, my CWM won't flahs them, any Ideas on how to be able to work it so that I may use "bootanimation.zip"? My issue likes with "Rootanimation4U". Why won't it flash? I hadn't found anything in the thread about it saying that it wouldn't work on a Gingerbread phone. So that's where my curiosity lies. If needed I can post the code that CWM is displaying to help troubleshoot the problem.