Thumbs up EMobile Nexus 5 Sim Data Connection - JAPAN

Hopefully this thread may help a lot of others out there and save all some time. Here in Japan the carrier staff are notoriously useless when it comes to technical help. Even the technical staff.

So bought a new unlocked Nexus 5 from EMobile Japan with a 4G-S sim piggy-backing the Softbank network. Staff stated the sim should work in any unlocked phone (now stating he said it would not lock, but says it is not IMEI specific). Anyway here's the deal when using the sim in a Docomo unlocked Samsung Note 3

* Voice calls okay
* DATA does not work.
* Have tried many different APNS including those below, but no joy.
* The Nexus 5 itself can use any sim.

Can anyone shed any light on the above? Have tried to speak to EMobile technical support but they were no help. Here are some links in Japanese on the subject.

Japanese APN list:

Also seen some talk about "The USIM-specific ID/pass". Does anyone know of this?