Default [APP][4.0.2+] XKCD HoloYolo - A nice looking xkcd comic viewer

Hi there!

I have released my first app to Google Play called XKCD HoloYolo.

What is XKCD HoloYolo?

It's a small simple XKCD comic viewer. Simple as that!

  • Simple Design
  • Smooth image controls
  • Offline archive
  • Image caching

Planned Features:
  • Offline mode
  • Choose favorite comics
  • Save comic to sd-card
  • Tablet UI


I hope you guys wanna try my app!

If you find any bugs, contact me at

Get it on Google Play

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Samsung Galaxy S2
- Omni ROM (Nightly)

Current Tablet
Nexus 7
- CyanogenMod 11

Old Phones
- LG Optimus 2X (Great hardware with ****ty stock roms from LG)
- HTC Hero

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