Question [Q] Horizontal white stripes on the display

Hi guys,

I just got my brand new LG G Pad 8.3 a few hours ago and I started to try it out. When I installed and started a game, the tablet just shown a lots of horizontal white stripes on the whole of the display equidistantly. I immediately exit the game and I've noticed that the stripes are still shown. I restarted the device and the stripes are still shown on the boot logo as well. After that I did a "Factory data reset" but nothing happened.

These may helps:
- When I started the game, the battery percentage was around 12 and it was plugged in. When I done the game it was 8%
- The game was Real Racing 3
- The phone in brand new, I didn't root it yet, so it was absolutely factory.

Any idea?
Smart Phone Device: Unbranded HTC Amaze 4G X715e - Rooted - Android 4.4.2 (CM11) - 4Ext Recovery - JuopunutBear S-Off, SuperCID, HBOOT-1.93.2222

Tablet: LG G Pad 8.3" V500 - Rooted - Stock 4.4.2 ROM - TWRP

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