Default Can a stronger charger wake-up a dead HTC One?

Greetings, all, I have a terrible problem with my phone. Last night the battery went down and since a didnt have my charger near me, it slowly went to 1 percent and then turned off. A little after that I plugged it in the charger, but nothing happened. I waited a while, then I waited all night, but it doesnt want to charge or turn on with any cable or charger that I have.
The problem is that I am on a business trip in the USA (where they have lower voltage plugs) and I cant use my warranty for a month more. I was told by a RadioShack guy that if I buy a charger that is stronger than the original, for example 2,1 amps or 2,5 amps, it could wake up the phone.
Problem is that the nearest store is out of the city. So do you think it's worthed to go there, do you think it might work?