Question [Q] Wayteq XPAD-70 aka iDx7 modifiy update zip

Hi guys,
I have this old tablet Wayteq Xpad 70 Type 1 same as iDx7, I got some problem as I read its a very common problem, in very random times it just go back to factory settings all app and seting gone.
With all rom 2.2-4.03 so I'd like to do the folowing using this rom as a base and integrate all my apps and setting to the zip /own wallpeper, market, email setting to auto login, my own used apps/ like ready to use version like a backup and flash this to in my tab, so when next time when it do a factory reset it will look like nothing happend / expect some app update/ so I think I need all custom apps to push into system app but I dont know how to save the setting too. Is there any guide or short tutorial? Please help me.