Default Help re music player apps

Looking for a little help on music player apps. Specifically, a tablet running 4.3 (should be updated to 4.4 in a month or two according to the manufacturer), all music will be on SD card.

Currently, all my music is album oriented and sorted by Genres, then Artists, then Albums. This works on my iPod in my car (both iTunes and car software work flawlessly) and on my MP3 player (both MS My Music and player software work flawlessly). I start with Genres, find my Genre and click, brings up Artists within this Genre in alphabetical order, click on my Artist and brings up the Albums, click on Album and the songs, in album order, come up. Click on the first song and the album plays all the way through.

I haven't found an Android music app which will do this. Many sort by Genre, then go into directly into Songs, in alphabetical order. Many sort by Artists, but with over 20gb of music and hundreds of Artists, this takes forever to get to ZZ Top.

Anyone know of a music app which can go from Genre to Artist to Album? If this approach works with iTunes/iPods and MS Music, I found it hard to think I haven't found an Android app which can do this. Tried about 20 players in Play Store and haven't found one that does this. All help is appreciated. Thanks.

P.S. No playtlists; no single songs; simply albums by artist catagorized into genres.