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So a good compromise is root+xposed+kernel. I'm just looking for a better battery life, so maybe a good kernel and greenify/titanium can help me
I'd go with that.
Kernels have been interesting with stock.
Dorimax Kernel and Furnace I think our our only stock kernels but seriously the stock kernel is pretty clean. Good battery life. I usually run it on interactive but that's just my preference with a 2048 buffer size and noop.

I just installed stock cause I'm going out of town for work this week.
Found the most debloated thing I could and threw down bsleds g2 xposed from the market, xblast from xposed, and google launcher so everything is nice and smooth.

A little bit of everything here.

I haven't seen that Cloudy whatmacalllit. <A post back]You can bet I'm gonna go try it.