Exclamation *IMPORTANT* iOcean X7 HD GammaRom v2.0 not for Youth, Turbo, Plus, Elite *IMPORTANT*

Hi my dear friends,
anybody can do some port of great [ROM][AROMA][4.2.1][Iocean x7] GammaRom v2.0 [Youth|Turbo|Plus|Elite]?
New versions of phone have another CPU not MTK6589/MTK6589t and 1080p display but MTK6582 and 720p display.
I'm thinking this is is not a very hard to port this rom for iOcean X7 HD, CPU and display is little diffrent but another things is the same
like in the Elite/Tubro/Plus/Youth version, the CPU MTK6582 is very similiar to MTK6589/MTK6589T.

LINK to original thread of ROM: