Question WiFi Hotspot problem in Windows 8.1

After creating WiFi hotspot in windows 8.1, i am able to connect to internet but in between the connection pauses and i cannot receive data, nor PC neither my phone shows problem with connection, but no data is received.

Explaining further
1. I created hotspot in Windows 8.1 by the default method, and even tried connectify hotspot and some bunch of software.
2. When I connect my phone to the hotspot, the connection will be successful and i can browse, but after sometime data is not received but i can browse flawlessly in PC at the same time.
3. For Ex. say if i sent a message in Whatsapp from phone connected to PC hotspot, the message wont leave my phone, it will be there for a minute or two, and it will leave.

i updated my WiFi Drivers, tried a couple of third party applications, but no use.
But if i install any of the previous version of Windows, there is no problem like this.