Wink [Release]For-Fun Q3 Main V1.4 ROM


So i noticed alot of people having trouble finding this ROM with the ZET6223/WTA drivers, here is a quick guide and a download link (had to remove the original on another topic as it was being shared on various forums with no link back) please if you share this link it back to xda!

**This guide asumes you know how to use adb and you have the correct usb drivers, also please note this is for the 9'inch version but may work on the 7, please reply to thread with details if it does**

GUIDE: Step.1: Once downloaded extract it to desktop, then open live suit (i personally used version 1.09), select option no on the update wizard, then click select image, locate the image extracted from the download, keep this live suit window open whilst you perform step 2.

Step.2: While you're tablet is powered off fully (there will be no lights) connect it to the usb port on you're laptop/desktop, the tablet will automatically attempt to start up, whilst still keeping the tablet connected via usb press and hold the power button on it for around 6 seconds until it powers off again, (you may see a red light to indicate its charging this is normal) now that the tablet is off press and hold the volume up key and quickly tap the power button 6 times, wait until you see a box popup on you're desktop/laptop on live suit saying to format the tablet, then release the volume button and proceed to pressing yes to format the tablet via the live suit window, it will then preform the flashing and should take anywhere from 2 to 6 minutes, once it has completed the tablet will boot up normally, disconnect the usb cable.

Hopefully if you followed this correctly and used the provided firmware you're tablet should function as intended. If you get stuck or require a talk through it including how to get adb/live suit ect feel free to skype me on id: chunk1189.

Download: For-Fun Q3 Main v1.2)v1.3) v1.4) Firmware(ZET6223/WTA)
Download: Live Suit v1.09
Please say thanks and share results!