Default [Q] CM 11 vs. SlimSKat vs. CarbonRom

Hi all,

at the moment I am running my I9195 with the current CM 11. It runs very smooth with good battery life.

Before CM 11 I was on Carbon 4.3, that also was a good ROM for my phone but with not so good battery life.
Before my I9195 I had a i9000 with SlimBean installed. And me and my SlimBean where a very good team, too.

Now there are all three roms available as KitKat Version for the I9195 and I think about switching back to SlimKat (or maybe Carbon).

So, how are SlimKat and Carbon compared to CM 11 with regards to battery life and performance?
Is SlimKat slim enough to be equivalent or even better than CM 11 in battery life?
Is SlimKat "slimmer" than CM 11?