Default [Q] Phone Bricked - MK2 tar

I seem to have bricked my phone. I flashed a couple roms and was having some random reboot problems (see

Long story short, I've odin'd the stock MK2 tar, trying to get it to stock to accept the NAE update. I can't seem to get it past the "Android is upgrading.... Starting apps." screen.

Yes, I wiped everything, and even did a hard factory reset. I re-rooted, and odin'd Philz Touch 6 recovery. I would assume I could flash a rom, but when I transfer a rom to my SD card to flash -- it's never there. I download rom (just tried stock(ish)v06) and mount USB in Philz, copy to sdcard1, and after about 3 minutes, the file looks like it's there. When I try to flash from Philz recovery, I do not see the zip file to flash it. I tried copying it to another directroy -- still no file.

Is it time to accidentally back over my phone with my car and call my insurance agent?