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Note : This is not my work..I'm just sharing the work of the XDA Member ahnwook123..worked perfectly for me !! try it.:

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Hi Guys,

here's a lock screen replacement solution by the Global Animation team.

It is free, security and no advertising. The best thing about it is that there are many themes available from its library , designed by talented artists.

As while you can play many funny games to find out the how to unlock your mobile screen.

If any question, pls let me know, thks!

Google Play


1. Bikini Girls

2. Bad Pirate

3. Box Cat

4. City Card

5. Cute Pets

6. Fire Equipments

7. Statue of Liberty

8. Music

9. Football

10. Day and night

11. Special Force

12. Snow fall

Coming Soon】fight shooting screen locker
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